What Evidence Do Prosecutors Need to Convict for Domestic Violence in Ohio?

domestic violence evidence needed to convict

Over my years of defending clients facing domestic violence charges, many come into my office extremely worried about what evidence could lead to a conviction. They often feel it’s just their word against the accuser’s – and that police and prosecutors will naturally take the side of the alleged victim.

I’m here to tell you – it’s rarely that simple. There are always alternatives to consider and defenses we can employ as your defense lawyers. But first, let’s look closer at how these complex cases actually play out during the course of your case.

Domestic Violence Allegations Must Overcome Key Burden

Under Ohio law, the prosecution bears the full burden of proving all elements of a domestic violence crime took place beyond a reasonable doubt. This sets an appropriately high bar for securing convictions when someone’s reputation and liberty are on the line over what often boils down to two conflicting stories of what occurred.

As your defense team, we meticulously examine whatever purported “evidence” the prosecution puts forth. Police officer testimony, photographs and videos showing alleged injuries, medical reports – none of this guarantees a guilty verdict when presented before a jury or judge.

In my vast experience defending domestic violence cases, I’ve seen numerous instances of accusers exaggerating small scratches into supposed grave injuries from “attacks” that never even occurred. We must view all such evidence with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Photos of Injuries May Not Corroborate Stories

Graphic photos of bruises, wounds, and swelling often form the cornerstone of domestic violence cases. You’ll likely feel immediate panic seeing such images, knowing they could influence the judge or potential jury.

But it’s our job to provide justifiable explanations of alternate causes. A small scratch could have pre-existed the supposed incident days before. That bruise on their arm might stem from everyday mishaps rather than malicious intent to harm on your part.

Forensic analysis of factors like resolution, timestamps, and more can reveal inconsistencies with the accuser’s story. Our firm partners with trusted experts to scrutinize photographs when appropriate.

Medical Documents Need Careful Examination

Hospital ER visit reports, doctors’ notes, and other medical paperwork carry tremendous perceived weight, too. But when your defense team closely examines the documents line-by-line, many doubts often arise.

Did the accuser describe more extreme violence to the doctor than what the injury photos show actually happened? Were tests performed that could show the symptoms were caused by something other than abuse?

We assemble your defense by digging into these details that police and prosecutors lack the time to do. Finding even slight contradictions across medical evidence compared to statements is all we need. One slip-up or embellishment can create that all-important seed of doubt.

The Testimony of Officers Holds Less Value Than You Think

Many clients worry that police testimony makes the prosecution’s case stronger, especially if the police describe signs of a fight at the alleged crime scene.

Our lawyers point out missing information, inconsistencies, and unclear memories in the officer’s initial handwritten notes from when they first arrived. Common oversights we exploit include failures to interview the accused separately before concluding guilt and recommending charges to the DA’s office.

Signs of bias, exaggerations about the “evidence” they saw, and past disciplinary issues can make the officer’s courtroom testimony less believable.

Combating False Narratives and Accusations

In the most extreme cases, the accuser may make up a detailed false story that you were the only aggressor. Sometimes, they may even add in some true facts to help convince others their made-up story is credible.

We methodically break down the false narratives of violence by highlighting contradictions, impossibilities, and absences of corroborating physical evidence where it should logically exist if the described attacks truly happened.

For example, if the accuser claims you struck them repeatedly, which should have left bad cuts, but the medical tests and reports don’t show injuries that match. We would point out these inconsistencies when we question the accuser in court.

False Allegations Are Often Driven By Ulterior Motives

Sometimes, abuse accusations come up as a questionable strategy in nasty divorce or child custody cases. The accuser knows making abuse claims can better their case and give them more control.

In other situations, people falsely accuse their ex out of bitterness when the relationship ends badly. They know abuse allegations will get the other person arrested right away, even if the claims later turn out to be untrue.

As your criminal defense lawyers, we look closely at why and how the accusations happened to understand if the alleged victim has reasons to lie or exaggerate. Looking at the whole context exposes if they were purposely making up false claims.

Our Meticulous Approach to Investigating the Facts

Too often, people accused of domestic violence feel powerless, trusting that overworked public defenders will mount a strong defense—even though their freedom and reputation are at risk. But with our firm, the situation turns around completely on day one.

We independently track down potential eyewitnesses police failed to identify or question during preliminary investigations. If visual evidence of injuries exists, we demand originals for forensic authentication to ensure details haven’t been tampered with.

My team leaves no stone unturned while the prosecution rests on their laurels based solely on the accuser’s say-so that the assault occurred. We assemble facts and evidence solidifying your innocence until charges have no choice but to unravel.

Take Immediate Action to Protect Your Future

If you are accused of domestic violence, I urge you – do NOT delay in engaging legal counsel. At The Botnick Law Firm, we have successfully defended the falsely accused against all varieties of assault allegations in Ohio.

I invite you to schedule a free one-on-one case evaluation where we will start mapping out an aggressive, evidence-based defense strategy on your behalf. The sooner we get involved in building your side, the higher the probability we secure a dismissal or acquittal. Don’t leave freedom and your future in doubt – call my office to get started fighting back today.

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