Can A Felon Own A Gun In Ohio?

can a felon own a gun in ohio

Time for a fresh start.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a clean slate to match. You have a record that you can’t ignore. Can a convicted felon own a gun in Ohio?

In Ohio, it is legal for people to possess firearms without running the risk of being detained for doing so, but convicted felons are not granted this privilege. All Ohio citizens have the right to keep and bear weapons. However, it does not apply to someone with a prior felony conviction. 

The Constitution recognizes that someone may want to bear arms and protect themselves and their family. You should contact an Ohio criminal defense attorney if you wish to have your status reinstated or were found in illegal possession of a firearm.

The Law Pertaining to Owning a Gun as a Felon in Ohio

Under Ohio law, if you are under indictment for or have been found guilty of any felony offense involving the illegal possession, use, sale, administration, distribution, or trafficking of any drug of abuse, or if you have been found guilty of any felony offense of violence, you are not permitted to obtain or knowingly, possess, carry, or use any firearms. (Ohio Revised Code 2923.13)

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System is used to verify the identity of anybody purchasing firearms from a registered firearms dealer. Criminal convictions are screened for during this background investigation, so a felony applicant is likely to be rejected.

Reinstating Your Gun Privileges as a Felon

You may be able to regain your Second Amendment rights in numerous circumstances fully. According to Ohio Revised Code 2923.14, a petition in state court is necessary to request the reinstatement of the possession of a firearm by a convicted state offender.  

What the Courts Consider When Deciding Whether a Felon Can Own a Gun

Per Ohio gun laws, a judge will assess your case and take the following elements into account: 

  • Whether you’ve finished serving your sentence for jail, probation, or parole
  • Whether possessing a firearm is not prohibited by another law
  • Whether you have continued to live a law-abiding life since serving your sentence

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Ohio for a Possession of a Firearm

Convicted felons in Ohio must be aware of the regulations governing the firearm possession rights. One may be subject to harsh punishments—such as fines and lengthy jail time—if found guilty of possessing a firearm. This is not a charge that you should take chances with. You should contact The Botnick Law Firm, LLC, for a free consultation if you have been arrested.

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