DUI Community Service: What Are the Requirements in Ohio?

dui community service

You can expect legal consequences if you drive drunk or under the influence in Ohio. The state legal system treats DUI and OVI (Operating a Vehicle While Impaired) violations seriously, and yours could result in jail time, community service, or monetary fines.

If you are facing a criminal offense, you’ll need the help of a qualified DUI lawyer to help you with your plea agreement and avoid maximum penalties

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Community Control in Ohio: Do I Need to Complete Community Service?

Community Control sanctions in Ohio are the same as probation. Community Control comprises a set of rules and conditions a judge orders as part of the sentencing process after a DUI or OVI violation.

Community Control requires supervision by a probation officer, who ensures the sentencing conditions are met. 

Common punishments under Community Control include:

  • Community service
  • Financial sanctions
  • Electronic monitoring or house arrest
  • Remote alcohol monitoring
  • Ignition interlock monitoring
  • Random alcohol or drug testing
  • Restricted travel outside the county or state
  • Mental health, alcohol, or drug assessments

If you have a Community Control violation during your suspension period, your probation officer will report you to the court, and further penalties could be ordered.

DUI Penalties in Ohio

A first-time DUI or OVI offense is a first-degree misdemeanor. It carries a penalty of at least three days (72 consecutive hours) in jail. 

The maximum jail term for a first-time offender is six months. However, a judge can suspend the mandatory jail sentence and require the driver to attend an intervention program, pay a hefty fine, and meet with a probation officer as part of a lesser sentence.

The intervention program typically covers topics such as driving safety and alcohol and drug abuse to educate DUI offenders and prevent them from preventing the crime a second time. Intervention program participation could also be ordered alongside detention as part of the community control in Ohio.

In a DUI or OVI conviction, a person’s driver’s license is suspended and will be limited for one to three years unless a judge grants unlimited driving privileges during the suspension period with an ignition interlock device. 

Limited driving privileges, which allow travel to work or doctor’s appointments under the supervision of a probation officer, may also be granted as the judge sees fit.

Community Service After DUI and OVI Convictions

We know you have questions if you have been sentenced to community service as part of your DUI or OVI conviction. Having community service hours ordered as a condition of community control after a DUI or OVI conviction is common in Ohio. However, the number of community service hours and the type of community service ordered are left up to the court.

Experienced DUI Attorneys

The Botnick Law Firm concentrates in criminal defense, especially regarding DUIs and community control requirements. We strive to build a solid attorney-client relationship, protect your rights, and keep you on the road. 

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FAQs About Ohio DUI and OVI Community Service

At The Botnick Law Firm, we know you have questions surrounding your DUI or OVI charge. We’ve answered a few of the common questions below. 

If you have more important questions about your charge or court costs, we’re here to help you discuss your confidential or sensitive information. Talk to a DUI lawyer today for your free consultation.

Is community service required for DUIs in Ohio?

Community service hours are not always required for a DUI. However, it can be ordered as a probationary condition. 

How long does a DUI stay on your record in Ohio?

Forever. While the points from your DUI in Ohio will drop off after two years, the conviction remains indefinitely on your driving record.

How many points is a DUI in Ohio?

A DUI or OVI in Ohio puts six points on your license and carries a mandatory license suspension.

How do I get my license back after a DUI in Ohio?

To get your license back after a DUI or OVI in Ohio, you must pay a $475 reinstatement fee, provide proof of insurance, and meet any other conditions of your probation or suspension.




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